ARISTONDO, A real Farmhouse

If you want to connect with nature; with people that live for and off the land; enjoying the silence and the quietness of a rural surrounding, in a privileged location.

Within reach of your eyes, the intense green of the hills, delimited by rows of ash trees and fruit trees, where you can listen to the tinkling of ox, sheep and cow bells while they graze on hill pastures.

Nearby, our organic horticulture will arouse your curiosity, even being able to notice the growth of plants during the fast growing period, or to pick fruits during harvest time.

Close by, hens making a racket, cocks crowing especially at daybreak, birds fluttering around and even the distant bray of "Kalixto" the donkey, hitting his "High C".

In the background, The city of Donostia - San Sebastian, la Concha beach, Jaizkibel, Peñas de Aia and other surrounding mountains,

Welcome to ARISTONDO Farmhouse.

Who we are

20 years ago the owners of this farmhouse decided to change their way of life, shifting from an industry job (and just a part-time dedication to the farmhouse) to the development of a project involving an exclusive dedication to the rural environment, which became their main source of income.

The project has undergone several changes as a result of its own development. Nowadays the main activity is the production of organic vegetables, together with the accommodation facility in the farmhouse, which is offered to all our guests.

Among the whole range of organic vegetables that we produce, we could highlight the "ttantta" peas also known as "lagrima" (Spanish word for tear). These peas are almost totally distributed to the most prestigious restaurants in town (the ones holding the Michelín stars). Likewise, it is worth mentioning the free-range eggs produced by our hens, which are delivered weekly to one of these restaurants where they are used to prepare a special dish.

The owners reside in the farmhouse itself, a building constructed of load-bearing sandstone walls and a wooden structure which dates back from the XVII century.

The accommodation is located in a separate building, constructed originally as an annexe to serve a warehouse purpose, which was later restored to provide accommodation facility, being in fact the pioneers of rural tourism in the San Sebastian area.

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