The accommodation is offered in four spacious double rooms, as a result of the respect to the original distribution, which has developed into generous spaces, conceived to offer a pleasant stay to our guests, without crowding.
There are four independent rooms, each having its own entrance from outside, provided with attached full bath and equipped with fridge, microwave, Wi-Fi hotspot and television.
Two of the rooms, have windows on the sides, which allows a layout of bedroom and living room, a suitable option to meet the needs of couples with children.
Nevertheless, given the spaciousness of the rooms, we are authorized to add up to two extra beds in each room, on request.
It is also worth mentioning  a large terrace facing south, accessible from all the rooms, with excellent views  over the surroundings, from where it is possible to  see the gardens, hens, animals grazing on  neighboring fields and also  fantastic views of San Sebastian, La Concha Bay, The mountains of Jaizkibel, Larrun,  Peñas de Aia,  Adarra, Andatza, etc, delimiting the surrounding space.
Half of the terrace has a covered porch, which provides not only a free outdoor space but also an intimate complementary space to the room, which enhance the use of the room and improves the atmosphere greatly, even when it rains.   
The breakfasts, naps and sunsets enjoyed on this terrace are the highlights pointed out by our guests.
And not to forget, there is no parking problem, because the parking space is located just  at  the entrance of the  rooms and on the same level, without  bumps, stairs or architectonic barriers that would make  access difficult.

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